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SINOLUMI LED LIMITED, a high-tech LED Panel,LED lights and LED tubes enterprise, founded in 2007.As one of the pioneer of LED supplier in China’s LED illuminating application field,SINOLUMI alway endeavor to develop new products with the cutting-edge LED technology and utilize an extensive variety of R&D and professional product line.With many years of LED professional knowledge and rich experiences, we have accomplished many projects in government, industry and commerce field, and the business scope has been broadened around the world.

SINOLUMI has an excellent and professional overseas sales team, service team. Not only offering samples but also bulk orders are executed under strict quality control. For many years, SINOLUMI has been insisting on reasonable price, best quality and punctual delivery time, and we guarantee that every effort will be made to insure our customer’s full satisfaction with our products and services.

The LED Lighting BLOG will to share more LED lighting experiences with all fans and professionals of LED lighting. We are not only communicate and study LED lighting knowledge with you together, but also engaging in promoting the development of LED lighting industry to ensure more energy saving and eco-friendly lighting products can be applied all over the world.

Therefore, those who are dedicated to the development of low carbon, energy saving and environment protection lighting products from all circles are welcomed SINOLUMI LED to further communicate, discuss and develop through the platform of this LED lights BLOG.

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