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Low price can not be a long-term development of the LED business strategy

2013 is about gone, look back at this year, the development of the electronics industry, can be described as ill-fated, especially the development of the LED industry, It is very frightened, many enterprises in perpetuity like forward. LED as a green industry first, the increasingly serious energy crisis and environmental crisis, the concept of energy [...]

The essence of LED price war only for market not profit

To profit, or to market? In the haze of price war LED enterprise, it is indeed a dilemma. Low price is the market take the edge tool, but it means that the low profit, low income; If positioning high-end, high level, difficult to increase sales. learn more about COB led downlight Use “first impressions are most [...]

Excellent quality and reasonable price-the ultimate goal of LED development

Energy saving lamp no matter from stock up, or on the sales of the mainstream. LED products market is too chaos, the price is differ, quality levels not neat, as a distributor, flat led panel light we sometimes can’t distinguish which is better or worse. Moreover, manufacturers promise two years replacement, two years later, the manufacturer [...]

LED lighting development should be people-oriented

Good design is  give full play to the advantages of the LED light source protection for LED control device. LED control have coupling type control device, equivalent safety very low voltage or isolation type control device, detached safety very low voltage control device , they are suitable for output voltage need not reach SELV occasions [...]

LED display screen step in integration period market segmentation trend is more clear

The industry is expected, 2012, LED display market grew 10%, reaching 24.1 billion yuan. Among them, the full-color LED display market scale year-on-year growth of 15%-20%, shipments of more than 30% year-on-year growth. Even so, the LED display screen industry appears go situation, the competition is forcing manufacturers to cut for orders. Gradually into the [...]