Excellent quality and reasonable price-the ultimate goal of LED development

Energy saving lamp no matter from stock up, or on the sales of the mainstream. LED products market is too chaos, the price is differ, quality levels not neat, as a distributor,¬†flat led panel light we sometimes can’t distinguish which is better or worse. Moreover, manufacturers promise two years replacement, two years later, the manufacturer also is in is small, desultorily, it’s hard to say when it closed.

Customers into the store choose the majority of energy-saving lamps, although we also feel have LED to the trend of the product, but the process slowly, users need to have a from understanding to accept the conversion. Average consumer especially older consumers, may not have heard, led tube wholesaler LED energy-saving lamps is relatively more mass basis; In addition, good quality LED product price high and difficult to sales, so many shop is full of some cheap but no guarantee the quality of products, it also LED to negative impact on market construction; Moreover, the convenience of the Internet channel in a certain extent impact the entity shop business.

The LED market want to standard, we should be done in the following three tips. First of all, survival of the fittest source production enterprises, shut down a number of small manufacturer of checking the flood of defective goods, the quality of the products is guaranteed to have further development, Secondly, in the hope that the countries can publish corresponding standard, let dealers, consumer can be clear at a glance to identify the product quality; Finally,also do good quality and low price, average consumer can accept civilian price will make LED large scale application.

LED has the energy conversion efficiency, long life, light color is rich, compact volume, and many other advantages. LED light source and competitors fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, compared to in addition to efficacy and life have the upper hand, and “green” is a big advantage. Due to the traditional light source such as fluorescent lamp containing mercury after use, if not safe recovery, will be on the environment caused by the huge pollution and destruction, it has become the biggest obstacle of the development of traditional light source.

China’s energy saving lamp safety to recovery is still not good enough, the safety regulations and recovery is not perfect enough or cannot implement; Plus recovery cost high and consumers to the lack of environmental protection consciousness, causing many residents use energy-saving light everywhere after throw phenomenon, to the surrounding environment caused great pollution.

LED products led recessed down light in the production process of the pollution produced almost negligible. And, the LED light source in the abandoned, not like other traditional light source to the surrounding environment as well as bring pollution, more will not harm to human health.

So, the country should vigorously promote the popularity of LED, give LED enterprise  more policy support, let environmental protection, green, energy-saving LED products into the common people of households, the real benefit of the people and benefit mankind.

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