LED lighting development should be people-oriented

Good design is  give full play to the advantages of the LED light source protection for LED control device. LED control have coupling type control device, equivalent safety very low voltage or isolation type control device, detached safety very low voltage control device , they are suitable for output voltage need not reach SELV occasions and lamps  lanterns additional anti shock protection more sufficient occasion; Installed in the lamps and lanterns or similar protective function in the shell, it is suitable for no lamps and lanterns additional protective occasions, if it has the suitable dust waterproof level, which can be directly installed in outdoor. ultra thin led panel light, t8 led tube light

In all kinds of artificial light source, LED the most suitable for dimming state work, its broad dynamic working range can realize zero to 100% of the dimmer. In addition, the LED is also the only all kinds of artificial light source with control circuit fit, and when the output power reduces,  but products rising efficacy. Through the dimmer light, LED in some areas  has the advantages of energy saving management and control.

For single string LED module, the constant current source drive or by adjusting the working current to achieve adjustable light is the most reliable method of first choice. However, if the constant voltage circuit, again plus cross flow circuit or use LED module of cross flow circuit, also can achieve the purpose of the work that LED stability. At this time, constant voltage circuit and applied cross flow circuit and the use of LED module of the constant current circuit should be as a LED control device.

LED control device of various performance indicators of the advantages and disadvantages, directly related to the LED lighting appliance overall efficiency and service life and other important function, but security index is to ensure that no users and the surrounding environment produce all sorts of harm a higher level standard requirements (mandatory requirement), LED control unit only in meet the safety requirements of the premise, only then has the significance to measure the performance of the quality.

We need to remember that lighting is a service, led down light people-oriented is a top priority. People-oriented efficient lighting, can satisfy people’s needs, not damage with eye health, in this premise, we can advocate efficient lighting. In addition, don’t always emphasize each tile lumen is high, the more should pay attention to the quality of the light. A good product need to fully consider the lighting requirements, including safety, performance, EMC, coupled with the first-class design, this is the perfect green lighting. One-sided, do not accord with human health and safety of lighting can be called a efficient lighting.

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