LED display screen step in integration period market segmentation trend is more clear

The industry is expected, 2012, LED display market grew 10%, reaching 24.1 billion yuan. Among them, the full-color LED display market scale year-on-year growth of 15%-20%, shipments of more than 30% year-on-year growth. Even so, the LED display screen industry appears go situation, the competition is forcing manufacturers to cut for orders. Gradually into the industry integration in LED display industry, market segmentation trend is more clear. ultra slim led panel light

LED display screen step in integration period

recessed led panel light, 2012, the LED display screen industry make price war greatly, with a strength of the manufacturers hope that through a price war part of small scale manufacturer eliminated. LED display screen industry has entered the period of integration,but still presents the situation of contention of a hundred schools of thought  over the next few years. With the slowdown, hair falling interest rates and other factors, the LED display screen industry is hard to have investment opportunities. 2012 domestic LED display market show sales volume and price cycle promotion situation, prices will lead to a rapid increase in sales, sales volume increases the scale economy effect and further drive prices down.From the present domestic LED display industry competition level,it is in a early level, competitive key indicators reflected in: price, quality, delivery, after sale service and other aspects, the present price elements especially prominent. 2012 LED display prices continue to fall, year-on-year decline in 15%-20%. LED display prices continue to decline in the deep reason lies in the strength of the major manufacturers, with the hope that through the price war part of small scale manufacturer eliminated. But in 2012 the price war has greatly affected the LED display manufacturers the revenue performance, in 2012 is expected to at least 30% of the companies revenue will fall.Prices are falling, further compress the gross profits. At present the main channels of the LED display manufacturers product gross margin level has dropped to 10%-15%, engineering channel product gross margin is still more than 20%. Even so, LED display manufacturer profit ability is weakened.Thus, the LED display industry has entered a period of consolidation, the next few years will be part of small and medium-sized enterprises gradually be eliminated. During the integration phase, the technical strength and capital strength of the LED display manufacturers to use the strength of capital market and the enterprise itself and the channel superiority obtains rapid development. The next 2-3 years, LED display industry concentration will be improved rapidly.Because the LED display screen industry has entered a mature stage, so LED display market will maintain steady growth.

High technology LED Industrial Research Institute ( GLII ) is expected over the next few years, recessed panel down light LED display market scale growth will be maintained at 10%-20%. The future of LED display profit growth will come mainly from the traditional inkjet, neon lights, billboards alternative markets, and HD, 3D, intelligent, multi-functional high-end LED display market.Industrial new style  led display screen segmentation trend is more clear Along with energy saving and environmental protection, on the agenda, the next few years LED development foreground is very considerable also; so recently LED occupation competition is very fierce. With the economic globalization causes the various factors of production and resources in the global scope of activities, equipment and reorganization, the company produces some workers are also constantly moving in the horizontal and vertical expansion of the global division of labor. Now, the new LED display occupation also has significant to show this tendency, but the industry is still heard on the professional company is the extension of industrial chain from the sound, but the trust with the economy and competition, the future LED industry division of labor will be more and more fine.These years, many LED display companies have certain planning, like Shenzhen LED display manufacturers not only confined to the continuous expansion of production capacity, but start to automatically enter the industry chain upstream equipment package, and funded the chip, extension category. People in the industry think, now LED display occupation resources are global in scope, equipment, industrial chain division of labor is increasingly significant, blindly into the industrial chain of multiterminal inevitably more than sufficient, maybe it is not good for the company.Although these years, the domestic LED equipment package level has been promoted .Compared with foreign products, in function still exists certain distance, the higher order display still requires the use of imported equipment and domestic top equipment. The sharp step photoelectric, direct purchase of foreign equipment, according to customer needs to choose that some domestic product can be acquired forms of innovation, such as the selection of the Taiwan, China the best factory for the foundry, and the contribution of other factories, on product special demand, put forward to satisfy.

LED Lighting to replace Incandescent Lighting will be a trend

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce ministries announced the formal implementation of phasing out incandescent roadmap “from month to prohibit imports and sales of 100 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting. surface mounted led panel down light

The research report, 19% of the total electricity consumption of the global lighting electricity, our electricity for lighting accounts for about 13% of the total electricity consumption, and our country with 1.4 billion incandescent replace all the energy-saving lamps annually can realize power saving 48 billion, equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 48 million tons, has great potential for energy saving. In fact, in order to save energy, protect the environment, and actively respond to global climate change, as early as November 1 last year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, led panel downlight. General Administration of Customs, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine jointly issued “China is gradually out incandescent roadmap “, a clear effect from October 1, 2012, according to the power size phased gradually banned the import and sale of general lighting incandescent.

Think globally, say goodbye to the incandescent highly concerned. Australia is the world’s first plan to a total ban on use traditional incandescent countries, the Australian government announced in 2007 that prohibit the use of traditional incandescent gradually begin no later than 2010, and replace them with more energy-efficient fluorescent energy-saving lamps. Since then, there have been more than a dozen countries and regions have been released in stages incandescent phase-out plan, China and Argentina, Australia, the Philippines, the United States and the European Union became the first country began to phase out incandescent.

slim led panel light, China to phase out incandescent roadmap, starting from October 1, 2014, China will ban the import and sale of 60 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting; October 1, 2015 to 2016 for the mid-term evaluation period ; October 1, 2016, banned the import and sale of 15 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting, or be adjusted depending on the results of the mid-term evaluation.

Since the implementation of green lighting project since 1996, China’s lighting industry rapid development and laid a good foundation for the promulgation and implementation of the out incandescent roadmap. At present, China has established a complete phase-out of high-energy-consuming products and the promotion of energy-saving products policy system, including the release of high-energy-consuming products out of the directory, and implement energy efficiency standards for identity, the implementation of compulsory government procurement, to carry out government subsidies to promote incandescent enterprise reasonable transformation to create a favorable policy environment to promote the healthy development of efficient lighting industry. After years of efforts, the level of product quality of China’s energy-saving lamps increasing, some enterprises, product quality and technology has reached world advanced level. In addition, the rapid development of semiconductor lighting and other emerging high-efficiency lighting technologies, has been applied in the field of spotlights, downlights, tunnel lights. Efficient lighting products and technologies become more sophisticated, and provides an important guarantee for the phasing out of incandescent.

how to rescued in a mess lighting market

2012 years of lighting industry experiencing unprecedented ups and downs, after the government and local’s support, the rapid warming LED lighting market did not have to transfer.  the government support and faced with industry no standardized competition, even some price war of manufacturer , causing the lighting market present  a “mess” scence .Led lighting enterprise how to rescued in a mess lighting market, is the problem of every enterprise.

First, pay attention to brand building.In the popular of green lighting today, some manufacturers rely on the government support breeze into recessed led down light market, make whole industry presented thousands of manufacturing LED enterprise, although at present the concept of LED is hot, but really know LED core technology, have core talented person’s enterprise is very few. And most of the enterprise is follow suit operation, have no brand awareness, intense competition in the market today, if just copy and imitation, imagine that the enterprise will not long term.

Second, do product positioning. LED lighting led pl lamp have a ultimate market-civil lighting, in civil market have not been open situation, enterprises should make product positioning, listen to the voice of the consumer, understand the market demand, only true of know consumer demand, can grasp the whole market trends.

Final, sincere service. The above only part of it, really that plays a key role should also include the enterprise good faith, the good faith in today’s society is very important, good enterprise only good product is not enough, the good faith  service is the core of the market competition in the future. actually, for a enterprise , the quality is the policy, the good faith is the base.

In addition, under the current the quality of the LED light slim led downlight source on the market varies greatly, good quality LED light source is not only high brightness, the light fades, antistatic ability, will determine its long life, but its price is cheaper than LED light source was several times higher. We often see some LED lighting project, beginning very beautiful indeed, but will soon be ”incomplete” and some engineering delays even hand over. Manufacturers and users do not price ”grappling” use good quality LED light source, and take effective measures to guarantee the quality of LED products is the way.

LED indoor lighting market prospect

As the future trend of the development of lighting,  what kind of LED large-scale enter indoor lighting process ? In the current many LED indoor lighting products, LED bulb is one of the important form. According to the LED lighting bulb market’s research, the light bulb market in the short term at least to 2017 years ago, are traditional light source, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and new light source such as LED bulbs, common dominate the market.  at present, the LED downlight is still in the market introduction stage.

Overall, the LED  bulbs in the lighting market growth can be divided into three stages: before 2012 years,  incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and energy-saving light bulbs lighting will be the main source, and LED  price is too expensive  in the demonstration stage, mainly to replace incandescent lamp. 2012-2014, with global incandescent lamp  disabled policy implementation sequence, which makes the incandescent lamp in the 2012 years in the market will gradually disappear. This stage, energy-saving lamps market is expected to begin to enter growth peak, will occupy the market share of the main lighting. But expected to 2014 LED bulb will greatly to replace incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc. In the mature period. Meanwhile, LED bulb cost is declining in recent years, with the increase in the manufacturer of LED, the price decline speed will be faster, recessed led downlight the outbreak of the market might be 1 ~ 2 years in advance.

LED indoor  lighting market led down lamp prospects without doubt, in the face of the future market, domestic enterprises should be how to action for time? “At present should strengthen patent, technology research, also want to perform some of the propaganda, improve the understanding of the consumer to LED. At the same time, we should promote standardization, normalization, and finally let the consumer can be between in twenty to fifty standard products to choose , not in the thousands of standard products, otherwise choose between consumers will not be able to find replacement products are trouble. ‘ZhangLi said. And Leishi lighting Shanghai r&d center general manager said, for the enterprise, the enterprise should strengthen their own research and development efforts, more knowledge is the core competitiveness of the technology. Second,to really settle to make products.

LED Lighting grown space

Bonshine lighting general sales manager Wangpeng indicated: Taiwan s important OLED R&D base in the world, both of Taiwan straits cooperate well, this will promote OLED development in future.Electronic information product Management Company indicated, government will offer funds on the technology development to support OLED development, and promote the OLED development of both sides.

With some counties start to forbid traditional incandescent, LED lighting demands increased fast, price will be more competitive during these two years.

Once LED products(led panel light, led strip lighting, t8 led tube, led downlight, led cabinet light) develop from commercial to widely civil use, the market is huge, enterprise must be ready for it.

Global resource sale chief inspector expected, LED use for civil is very small now, according to the economy development, LED industry will trend to civil use widely in 2015-2016.In the long run, LED industry development just begin this moment.

Taiwan LED lighting permeability is low (around 5%), now energy-saving awareness improved, the permeability will increase rapidly.Compared with developed countries, domestic LED industry led wall washer ip65 is in middle and lower reaches in the whole field.

The president of Sinolumi Lixunliang said many domestic LED enterprises’ encapsulation style, circuit and power supply configuration is big difference, the market is disorder.

Led lighting customers contending the case, whether for the first or the second-line lighting factory, from construction, retail, portability of large to small led lighting secondary optical lens the approximate traditional lamps light performance, it will become key parts of an integral led lamps.

The president of Redyk Tangdelong indicated, because of the secondary optical lens can enhance 20% performance LED lighting, LED lighting statistics about 85% of secondary.

On the one hand, the price of led products rgb led wall washer dropped, people could accept that will be good thing, on the other hand, the decline in led chip prices, the enterprises would have diminished the quality, then causing the market disordered, this is bad for industry.

This is the views about LED chip price dropped from Silan Azure.Current LED industry is not excess capacity, but rather the application side there is no breakthrough. For example, the development of high-brightness lighting, and even solar energy combined with LED lighting, these are broad market.

Parts of enterprise made some disorders, such as suppliers made some mistakes, lead to the products are defective, but for profits, they still circulate in the market. These defective products are “hardly worth eating but not bad enough to throw away” for many enterprises.

LED Lighting grown space is huge, present market is hot, then lead to great pressure for the engaged people.