Sinolumi will co-operate with NVC Lighting to strengthen Mainland Lighting Market

Recently,Sinolumi Corporation(Hereinafter referred to as Sinolumi) announced that they will plan to co-operate with mainland NVC Lighting(Before then Sinolumi had signed Stragetic Co-operation Agreement with Zhejiang Yankon),thanks to these two corporation will adopt Sinolumi’s LED Chips,Sinolumi’s proportion in LED Lighting will incresed from about 20% in 2011 to about 30% in the year 2012.

Sinolumi has been taking a virtual vertical integration strategy,such as cooperate with Liteon,Everlight,Skyworth and Delta Electronics,Sinolumi paid optimistic attention to lighting market,and its distribution has been extending to lighting market.LinYiDa,the general manager of Luxlite was said that compared with backlight,mainland lighting market has larger demands for chip,there will be a potential growth for lighting application market in mainland,also Sinolumi will enlarge their distribution of lighting application in mainland.In may,2011,Sinolumi has signed Stragetic Co-operation Agreement with Zhejiang Yankon,and the co-operation with NVC Lighting this time can be regard as a push for Sinolumi’s strategy of enlarging distribution in lighting market.Both of Zhejiang Yankon and NVC Lighting,as mainland’ leaders of traditional lighting,they have strong strength in R&D,technology and distribution,and moreover, Sinolumi is well knowned for its position in Epitaxial chip field,their co-operation can be regarded as win-win co-operation.In the future,what sparkling effect their co-operation will have,and what results will be brought to them,let’s wait and see.

The mutually contradictory and win-win co-operation relationship between traditional lighting corporation and LED corporation,was ever a hot topic in lighting industry,with the rapid development for recessed led panel light technology,the competition has been intensified and cruel,while industry distribution also change all the time,under this situation,to search and get partnered become a wise choice for many corporation.Some professionals said that both of traditonal lighting and LED lighting like t5 led tube lightled tube t5 have their own advantages,and co-operation has become a better direction for them,while in operation,it seems that it is more easier for corporation in different industry to realize their co-operation,taken in this sense,the co-operation between Sinolumi&Zhejiang Yankon and NVC proved this.For corporation’s co-operation,it is best to develop each party’s own advantage and to reach the result of 1+1>2,and to realize this result,corporation need to make clear their own advantages and goals.At the same time,”Good birds select their boost”, “Strike while the iron’s hot.”,there are examples of some early birds for the corporation’s loved ones,so for corporation,sometimes chance fleeting,we need to make decided choice when searching for advantage partners.

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