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Low price can not be a long-term development of the LED business strategy

2013 is about gone, look back at this year, the development of the electronics industry, can be described as ill-fated, especially the development of the LED industry, It is very frightened, many enterprises in perpetuity like forward. LED as a green industry first, the increasingly serious energy crisis and environmental crisis, the concept of energy [...]

LED indoor lighting market prospect

As the future trend of the development of lighting,  what kind of LED large-scale enter indoor lighting process ? In the current many LED indoor lighting products, LED bulb is one of the important form. According to the LED lighting bulb market’s research, the light bulb market in the short term at least to 2017 [...]

LED industry market certification detail Information

一. EU market certification 1.CE certification “CE” mark is a safety certification mark, as LED manufacturers to open and enter the European market passport. Those who posted “CE” mark products can be members of domestic sales in the EU, in order to achieve the free circulation of goods within the scope of the EU member [...]