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Installation process in the led panel light

1, Products and flammable materials to ensure a distance of at least 0.2m, to ensure that installed ceiling has gap of 2 cm high, the led panel light can not all be installed inside the ceiling, or the heat source against the wall, to pay attention to the low pressure and highline connections routed separately. 2, the installation [...]

LED development trend is increasingly clear

At the recently “in 2012 Taiwan international lighting technology exhibition” was ended, Taiwan LED Industrial Technology Research Institute set the theme museum, from indoor to outdoor slim led panel light application, which of the exhibition “intelligent control LED Panel light steel frame lighting lamps ” can along with the sun or auxiliary lighting of increase and [...]

International LED enterprises marketing tactics

In many past years of markets developing, we saw the global illumination market brought LED actively in past three years, from outdoor lighting projects, road illumination to indoor lighting, then push on hotel illumination, office illumination, industrial illumination and house illumination etc. From the whole global LED lighting, the permeability reach only 6.6%, the grown [...]