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  • Recessed LED downlights
  • IP54 LED downlights are commonly used for ambient and directional lighting in both residential and commercial buildings. One of the earliest applications of solid-state lighting for general illumination, LED downlights are now widely available in a range of sizes and lumen packages, offering a viable alternative to incandescent and compact fluorescent(CFL) products.
  • 18W Surface mounted led panel down light
  • Sinolumi Surface mounted led panel light are ideal replacement for the CFL ceiling lights, This product can be directly mounted on the surface. It is not necessary to cut out a hole to install it. This ceiling light use of Acrylic which not only makes the light softs, protect eyes, but also save and long lifespan.
  • 40W LED Track Light
  • LED Track Lights are generally used as a specific spotlights. General used in stores, such as: Shopping malls (clothing stores, furniture stores),Automotive display, Jewelry display and so on.
  • 55W Square LED Trunk Light
  • Sinolumi LED Trunk Light is a Adjustable mounted LED downlight, Orientable in any direction. Easy to install, dimmable fixture uses standard mounting and direct line voltage connection without need for remote transformers. Ideally suited for lobbies, corridors, elevators, conference rooms, common spaces, kitchenettes, and interiors in commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential enviroments.
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