Recessed LED Downlights

Recessed LED downlights are the most advanced type of downlight available; they out perform halogen and CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) in every way. The main advantages of using LED downlights (or LED spotlights) is that they are long lasting and energy efficient. Providing energy savings of 80-90% compared to halogen and CFL. They cost less to run and will pay for themselves in terms of the energy saved between 1 and 2 years after installation.

  • Recessed LED downlights
  • Slim LED downlights are commonly used for ambient and directional lighting in both residential and commercial buildings. One of the earliest applications of solid-state lighting for general illumination, LED downlights are now widely available in a range of sizes and lumen packages, offering a viable alternative to incandescent and compact fluorescent(CFL) products.
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