T5 LED Tube Lights with External Drivers
T5 conjoined LED Tube Lights
  • T5 conjoined LED Tube Lights
  • 600mm SMD 3014 conjoined T5 LED tubes
  • Intergrated T5 LED Tube light
Key Features
√   Eye-comfortable, more consistent light output.
√   Maintenance free, easy installation.
√   Durable anodized aluminum housing, super efficient heat dissipation
√   Easy to install, no ballast or starter needed; Fixture and cables as a kit is included.
Part Numbers
SL-T5A600N08WA4      ► SL-T5A900N15WA4
SL-T5A1200N18WA4    ► SL-T5A600B08WA4
SL-T5A900B15WA4      ► SL-T5A1200B18WA4
Approved CE,ROHS,Design for UL standards
Warranty 2 years View more...
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Sinolumi T5 LED tubes can be used as direct replacements for conventional fluorescent tubes, for example, our 15W T5 LED tube light is equivalent of 40W fluorescent T5 tube. Our T5 LED tubes are available in length of 300mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm, which could meet various requirements. They are rather suitable when using in confined space or rooms with lower ceilings due to compact size. They distribute lumen output uniformly, achieve comfortable light effect and can reduce your energy consumption and CO2 emission by up to 65% if compared to fluorescent tubes.

Sinolumi T5 LED tubes offer better luminous efficiency over other LED lighting solution as well as offering shorter payback periods.

Energy saving: >85lm/w luminous efficiency for the frosted LED tube, >100lm/W for clear LED tube.

With specially designed aluminum heat-sink, our LED T5 tube could dissipate heat very fast to extend lifespan finally.

They are designed to replace conventional T5 tubes directly. LED T5 tube plus fixture is sold as a unit. With driver built-in fixture, it could make the heat in tube much lower and ensure better working environment for LEDs. They also could be connected via connectors one by one.
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