Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Lights
water proof led strip light
  • water proof led strip light
  • led strip lighting
  • led light strip
Key Features
√  Long life span, stardard warranty 2 years
√  Complete cut/ connection accessories
√  No need of constant-current power feed
√  Low power consumption
√  Custom packing
Part Numbers
SL-WFL3528W60D1 SL-WFL3528W120D1
SL-WFL3528W240D2 SL-WFL5050W30D1
SL-WFL5050*60D1 SL-WFL5050*120D2
Approved CE, RoHS
Warranty 2 Years View more...
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Features and Benefits:
√   The Flexible Light's flexibility allows the user to contour its shape around any object
√   With its remote, the user is able to change the color to any one of 15 colors, plus white, and use set color changing patterns
√   Able to cut strips to size at clearly indicated sections marked with scissor icon
√   Adhesive back allows the user to attach the flexible light onto any clean surface
√   Low power consumption, low heating during operation, high light intensity
√   Maintaince free, long life span up to 50,000 hours
√   Solid state, high shock/vibration resistant
√   Flexible PFC design, completely flexible into any bent angles
√   Every 3 or 6 LEDs , are cut-able at the scissors mark; with accessories to help strip light continuous connection.
√   Easy installaton onto flat surface with 3M tape
√   Low voltage operation, DC12/24V , much safer
√   PCB size could be customized
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