4 factors for how to choosing track lights

What are the types of LED track lights? Points of purchase

        Classification of LED track spotlights: It is composed of a single 1W or 1~3W high-power lamp bead. The representative power of this product generally ranges from 3W to 45W. This kind of track spotlight generally uses an integrated chip or COB light source with an optical reflector inside to form a concentrated light.

        The choice of LED track spotlights: There are two types of spotlights: low-voltage and high-voltage. It is best to choose low-voltage spotlights, which have a longer life and higher luminous efficiency. The luminous efficiency of spotlights is reflected in power factor. The greater the power factor, the better the luminous efficiency. The power factor of ordinary spotlights is about 0.5, and the price is cheap. The power factor of high-quality spotlights can reach 0.99, and the price is slightly more expensive. Spotlights are generally used to enhance the lighting of decorative objects. They are usually embedded in the ceiling or wall. The spotlights usually emit higher temperatures when they work. Therefore, you must buy high-quality products, otherwise there will be safety risks. The spotlight should be used with a transformer when it is used, and the lamp bead should be of good quality, otherwise the lamp bead of the spotlight is easy to be broken, and the quality of the spotlight on the market is uneven, and it is difficult to distinguish the good from the bad with the naked eye, so buy the track lamp It is best to choose branded lamp beads for the lamp, and choose a matching high-quality transformer.

What should you pay attention to when buying track lights? How to choose track lights

        The precautions for choosing LED track lights are as follows: 1. Appearance: Observe whether the appearance is exquisite; 2. Weight: For some LED track lights, in order to save costs, the shell is made of plastic, which is very light and light; 3. Color temperature: different The application environment of color temperature LED track lights is different. For example, the color temperature of track lights used in clothing stores is very different from that of track lights used in restaurants.

What are the general components of led track lights

    LED track lights generally consist of the following components:

1. Fixed base; 

2. Track light connector: set on the fixed base and connected to the track; 

3. Light driver; 

4. Electric appliance cover; 

5. Light body; 

6. Connecting rod.

What factors should be paid attention to when choosing LED track lights

1. Is the heat dissipation of a lamp good? Is the quality and process design of the aluminum material reasonable?

2. Whether the single lamp bead chooses a big brand, whether the aperture uniformity is soft, and whether there is light leakage and flare.

3. Is the power supply isolated or non-isolated.

4. The other is the material thickness of the Connecting rod etc.

Which brand of track light is the best? How to choose a track?

The led track light of sinolumi.com is a good product. The integrated design of the rail head is very simple, stylish and beautiful. Their LED track lights are made of high-quality aluminum, which is anti-ultraviolet, high temperature, moisture-proof, and anodized on the surface; they also have Corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, and are easy to install and maintain. In line with people’s pursuit of fashion now! The track lights must be installed on the matching track. The interior of the track contains a voltage input (110~220V AC input, also customized as a low-voltage input), and there are conductive metal strips on both sides of the track (high-quality made of copper, The inferior ones are made of iron), and the track lights have rotatable conductive copper sheets at the joints. During installation, the conductive copper sheets on the track lights contact the conductive metal strips inside the track, and the track lights can be energized, that is Can light up track lights. 

LED track lights  that is, track lights whose luminous source is LED, is now in 2021, when LEDs are gradually becoming mature. The track lights on the market have gradually been replaced by LED light sources from the previous metal halide light sources. This is achieved More energy-saving and environmentally friendly, what people usually call track lights now is gradually being collectively called LED track lights.

Classification and purchase skills of track lights
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