5 tips for how to choose the best led downlight

        When buying LED lamps, a lot of users prefer to choose led downlight quite now, it is used more widely, environmental protection is very good, lamplight effect is richer also, it can build different indoor atmosphere. When buying led downlights, people usually pay attention to the price, brand and selection method.

        How to judge the quality of LED downlights? The LED downlights we know are mostly used for household lighting and commercial lighting. They are recognized and even loved by users for their energy saving, environmental protection, long life, and safety. But because of this, LED downlight manufacturers all over the country take advantage of the LED downlight popular by everyone’s love and recognition of the opportunity, constantly touted the LED downlight without the original value. In this materialistic market, we will find that the higher the price of a product, its quality is certainly not much worse, the so-called cost performance is also relatively high, LED lamps are also the same. So how to judge the quality of LED downlight?

How to choose led downlight?  Below with me to understand the next 5  tips to choose led downlight!

1、Look at the surface

        Firstly, You can find out what kind of material is used on the surface. Generally speaking, the surface material of this kind of lamps and lanterns has: iron sheet, die casting aluminum, aluminum material, stainless steel and so on. Among them belong to the quality of stainless steel, aluminum to be able to be compared better, the price also can be a few dearer. Different material, their lamplight color also can have a difference, we can choose appropriate lamplight color according to mass-tone attune of a household atmosphere. The home installs choice die casting aluminum, aluminous material, stainless steel is qualitative, the ply of the faceplate is very important, ply is jumped over thicker better. Iron is cheap but not durable, suitable for engineering applications.

        Secondly, Hold the LED downlight in your hand and shake it vigorously. Listen carefully to see if there is abnormal sound. it indicates that the internal of the LED downlight is not fixed.

        Understand the lamp surface treatment process, a different process will also affect the quality of products. Such as baking paint, powder spraying, and other products can ensure that the product is not easy to scratch and damage in the process of transportation and use. The spray process is poor, the surface paint is easy to fall off, it is easy to get dust.

2、Look at the quality of the LEDs

        In addition to the surface material, we also need to understand the quality of its inner LEDs.Now there are LED chips sold in the market are domestic and imported, we do not have to blindly pursue expensive imported products, just choose the appropriate use of their own can. The LED chips of a different brand, There is a big difference in quality and price, illume effect also has an apparent difference, suggest everybody is careful to choose and buy.

        The second is to choose the right color temperature of LEDs. Generally speaking, the standard color temperature is 2700k (Warm White), 4000k (Natural White) and 6000k (Cool White), which can create a different atmosphere. Choose the most appropriate color for the best use.

3、Look at the radiator

        No matter what kind of lamp you buy, it is used after a certain period of time, it will begin to heat release, The temperature of the lamp surface can rise gradually. Therefore, when we buy led downlight, we should pay attention to the quality of its radiator. The speed of the heat dissipation of the radiator determines the light attenuation and service life of LED downlight, if the radiator is too small, it will be let high temperature accumulate in illuminant interior, after working for a long time, which can appear the phenomenon with light fades fast, short service life. Therefore, when choosing LED downlight, it is recommended to choose the shell made of aluminum, because the heat dissipation coefficient of aluminum is relatively high and the heat dissipation is relatively fast, which can ensure the normal work of LED downlight.

       But corresponding to a lot of terminal consumers is not very fast to understand how to judge the quality of a radiator, here, I teach you the most direct and effective method. Turn on the LED downlight and leave it on for a few minutes. Then touch the radiator behind the downlight. If there is searing heat, then the lamp is not qualified.

4、Look at the adapter

        An adapter is the heart of every LED lamp, the stand or fall of an adapter can affect the life of the whole lamp directly and smooth effect. It is recommended to choose IC dual capacitor drive, the life will be longer, the adapter must choose the brand. It’s really important! This is my most valuable experience in the LED industry. Cost control can be adjusted from other aspects, but the adapter must be carefully considered, and the brand adapter is preferred.

       Light up the LED downlight, and then use the camera function of the mobile phone to observe whether there is a stroboscopic phenomenon. If there is a stroboscopic phenomenon, it will not only affect the service life of the downlight but also bring you invisible safety risks, indicating that this LED downlight is inferior.


        A good product is often the difference lies in the details, it can make us a very good feeling that good products bring us pleasant mood, We don’t expect that LED downlights only have one lighting function, It hasn’t been installed since I bought it. you discover clips is broken, screw, a terminal is not good, no power safe protection and so on a series of problems. I think if you buy these products, you will be very headache, why do I buy these terrible LED downlight ~~~

        Let me tell you a little story that happened in real life. I have a client in Chile who has been purchasing led downlights from me for more than two years. One day, the customer thought the price of my product was too high and asked me to cut the price by 30% in one breath (maybe some other supplier gave the customer a very low price). If I did, my boss would fire me without any cost. I calm down to communicate with the customer for several emails, saying a lot about why we can’t do this price, why you will let us reduce the price so much now, if someone gives you such a low price, you should be careful about how to ensure the quality of his products and follow-up services. I try very hard, I don’t want to lose a good customer for nothing. Because this client was probably duped. However, the customer still chose other suppliers and did not contact me for more than 3 months. 

        One night, I suddenly received the customer’s skype language chat invitation, I was still a little surprised, the customer was a little emotional said, his new supplier products used for 2 months, there are a lot of problems, but is a very serious problem, bad light, drive burned out, god, how can this!! These problems are absolutely unacceptable. Fortunately, you mentioned at the beginning that the price is so low and the quality is difficult to be guaranteed. I also require a 30% balance payment to be paid 6 months after receiving the goods, thank you very much!~ let me reduce part of the loss. But the most important thing is that I am now placing an order for your LED downlight. Can you deliver the goods in advance on the basis of the previous delivery date? I said: “Mr. Ender Pena, don’t try so hard, I have known you, I will do my ability to help you to a great extent, the phone hangs up after receiving your PI, I’ll inform sourcing and prepare raw materials warehouse, the fastest time send you the goods, the quality of our products and time of delivery is guaranteed, we are not the first time cooperation, you rest assured ~ ~”.

        This customer has been cooperating with us very well till now and has great trust in the products and services of sinolumi led limited. Here, I also thank Mr. Ender Pena for introducing the customer to me. He often praises the product quality of sinolumi in front of his friends because it is very reliable. He will do business with us without any subsequent troubles.~ ~

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